Why should I know these rights?

I live in a free country. Even in a free country, Human Rights are violated each and every day through various forms of violence, oppression and manipulation. Knowing your Human Rights makes you a participator for peace, not a victim of ignorance.

Where would I exercise these rights?

Everywhere - home, work, church, and community organizations. Let's teach our children so they can grow up strong in freedom not weak in fear.

When and Where can I learn about Human Rights both for me and also my neighbors around the world?

Dr. K-lee Starland is a professional Human Rights Advisor offering her expertise in Human Rights, Women's Rights and the Rights of the Child through highly engaging and interactive presentations, and innovative projects. Her on-going education and extensive skills in various areas of national and international conflict as well as myriad life lessons have all contributed to her ability to help you successfully advance human rights justice in your community and State. All levels of Government, NGO's, Educational Facilities and Religious Institutions hire Dr. Starland to inform, engage, educate and problem solve. To support public education of important Human Rights issues, Dr. Starland has written several acclaimed books, NGO fliers and numerous articles to further her belief that true global peace is attained by one individual at a time.

"We wouldn't be where we are if not for you. Thank you for what you did"

(Project Planning)

J. Martinson, AZ Friends of the UNFPA

"Thank you for your excellent presentation on the State of Human Rights in Pakistan. I came away with a lot more to think about!"  (Peace Qwest)

-T. Rizzo, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

"K-lee Starland, Ph.D. has been supporting me with information and materials that can be used by CCDE in empowering and strengthening women in Aceh. This support is very useful and helpful…"

(Human Rights) 

T. Yunis, Center for Community Development and Education, Indonesia

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You probably know most of your rights as a citizen of this nation. Do you know and understand your rights as a citizen of the world?

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