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" the end that every individual...shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these (Human) rights and freedoms..."

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The General Assembly Proclamation)

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"I must say that I am continually amazed and inspired by your work, your past experience and your vision for women. And of course I witness your passion for this as well as your ability to personally affect women in our own PulseWire community. And it's a beautiful thing."

- Jade F. on behalf of PulseWire and the Opportunity Collaboration Fellowship

(In response to a campaign letter I wrote to the President of Uganda on behalf of Action Blogging Campaign). “Thank you for participating in the Action Blogging Campaign and for leading us in voicing our concerns to Ugandan Parliament. Your words are firm, passionate, yet completely respectful, which is so important when addressing a dignitary and broaching such a heavy subject cross-culturally. I will include your words to the President and other members of Ugandan Parliament.”

- Jade F.  World Pulse Action Coordinator

(Regarding the Project facilitation, development and establishment of the Smithville (Texas) Community Clinic) "Your efforts have been exceptional and you have advanced the cause of accessible health care in your community more than you will ever know. I hope you will work with…facilitating the smooth transfer of the role you have so admirably played in the SCC initiative."

- P. Perialas, Jr., CEO. Lone Star Circle of Care

"And 'hats off' to K-lee Starland and members of the Smithville Community Clinic Board for a wonderful Community Meeting…during which time people of the community were informed about the opportunities and possibilities that a community clinic will offer."

- Editor, The Smithville Times

"Thanks so much for coming to Corpus Christi to participate in the presentation. You just can't know how very much I appreciate all you have done…"

- Rev. Dr. K. Boehk, First United Methodist Church of Smithville, TX

(Regarding article Violence is About Power Over, The Smithville Times, May, 2005) "Yayyy!!! Very nice, concise and gets some great strong points across. Good job!"

- Cristina Whitehawk, CEO Powered by Genius

"This was poignant information that Dr. Starland presented and the use of the personal experience made an impact on the audience. The most amazing part of this presentation was the similarities between all types of terrorism…external, governmental and domestic including family violence."

- S. Farris, LCSW Family Crisis Center

"I was extremely impressed! Very well done and completely inspiring!"

- P. Perialas, CEO Lone Star Circle of Care

"Oh my gosh! No wonder I saw your talent (and your wisdom)! …The rest of your resume leaves me and most of the people I know in the dust. Congratulations on all of the accomplishments - education, career and family!)

- A. Lewis, Exc. Dir. Smithville Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you very much for allowing Church World Service-P/A to use your Human Rights Workbook for children."

- R. Mahnaz, Program Advisor, Church World Service-P/A

“Did you know what you did for me? You taught me how to believe in my professionalism!...I will not go back again!”

-O. Oladosu-Adebowale   CEO:  Stop The Abuse of Rights, Nigeria